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TANBOOCEL®-Bamboo fiber is soft, breathable bamboo fiber, and is well known for its durability, moisture-wicking properties, and low ecological footprint. This beautiful fabric behaves much like other silk substitutes and is a natural anti-bacterial and deodorizer. It is also bacteriostatic, meaning that it inhibits the growth of bacteria, even after fifty washes, according to the Japan Textile Inspection Association. And still, it remains soft, cool, and breathable: studies have shown clothing made from this wondrous fabric stays an average of 1-2 degrees cooler, even in the summer heat! 


This ecological and sustainable material is a fantastic choice for those looking to be fashionable without harming the environment. The 100% bamboo cloth is fully biodegradable in soil, without any pollutants that would cause harm during the decomposition process. It's sustainably sourced, as bamboo is amazingly renewable and regenerative, and the creation process uses 80% less water than cotton production. 


Best of all, TENCEL™ Modal fibers are certified with the EU Ecolabel, an internationally recognized environmental quality label that is only awarded to products and services which have a significantly lower environmental impact throughout their entire lifecycle than others. For fabric that is incredibly soft and smooth to the touch, with a beautiful shine that does no damage to the planet, try out TANBOOCEL®-Bamboo fiber today.


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